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  • 26 Nov 2008
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Q ) I am a landlord, why should I put my property up for short-let?

A ) In a nutshell renting your property as a short-let gives you a greater level of flexibility. You may be unsure of your plans and only want to rent out your property for a couple of weeks for a little extra cash. Furthermore renting out your property as a short let can provide a competitive return on your investment when compared with long lets.

Q ) How much rent should I charge for my property as a short-let?

A ) Short-lets generally also have a higher premium than a long let. As a rule of thumb you should charge somewhere between a standard long let and what a hotel room might cost in the area. You may be surprised by how much you can demand having your property as a shot-let but remember, as the landlord of a short-let you will have to pay all of the bills and you may have periods where the property is empty.

Q) Do I have to have to have a weekly cleaning service for my short let property?

A ) It is generally considered the norm with a short-let property to have a cleaning service once a week.

Q ) Who would normally use short lets?

A ) Mostly short lets are used by large companies who use them to house employees as an alternative to a hotel. Short lets are also becoming more and more popular with leisure travelers who may be on holiday for a few weeks and want to save some money on accommodation. Then there are other situations that require interim housing such as media companies filming in the area or insurance companies housing people claiming on their policies.


Q) What is the minimum/maximum length of stay?

A) It depends on each property, some properties you are welcome to stay for just one night. Whilst other properties take reservations of one week up to 6 months. You will need to discuss this with the landlord at the time of booking.

Q) Are the properties serviced?

A) For stays of more than one week, a weekly cleaning and linen exchange service is included in the rental charge. For stays of one week or less the service is not usually offered however it can be agreed at an extra charge with the landlord if agreeable to both parties.

Q) What are the benefits of taking a short let as a tenant?

A) The main reason is 'the home from home' feeling you get when you walk in to the property compared to a hotel! And flexibility is another key reason as you can often extend your tenancy on a weekly or monthly basis.

Q) Does the weekly rental cover utilities such as electricity?

A) All of the utilities except for the telephone bill are covered by the weekly rent.

Q) I have some questions about the property - who do I ask?

A) If you want anymore information about a property, fill in the contact form and ask the owner directly. Please ensure you advise them how you would like to be contacted ie via email or telephone, so that the owner can get back to you promptly.

Q) Are properties listed on Short Let Register inspected before being listed on the site?

A) No, we simply provide the forum to list the properties on Short Let Register, if you require a serviced apartment to be of a definite recognized standard you should search on The Apartment Service website.

Q) Can I make changes to my advert once it has been published?

A) When you register with the Short Let register you are given an owner id number and can select your own password. You can then use these at any point to logon to your account to add properties, change details, add/replace photos, pay or request activation of a new property. However every time you make a change to your advert it must be re-approved by our administrator.

Q) Do you offer any premium advertising on your site to increase my property's exposure?

A) We intend to offer SPOTLIGHT slots on our web pages. If you are interested in adding one of your properties to these contact us for more details.

Q) How can I improve the performance of my adverts?

A) There are many things you may be able to do to increase the effectiveness:

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